Diploma project: “Mobi-Cell”, Logistics in urbanized Areas
Prof. Dr. Stephan Rammler & Dorett Linke, HBK Braunschweig 2006

In order to simplify and ameliorate the goods traffic in cities, I conceived an integrated System, in which many small automated vehicles transport goods while using public transportation systems.
The principle of mutual aid, maybe parasitism is very important here.

Mobi Cell from mendel heit on Vimeo.

The electric "Mobicell" transport units can use the tube, and the city-trains, as well as public lifts. The dimensions are big enough to transport a whole pallet, but also small enough to use every public infrastructure made for wheel-chairs.
These electric vehicles recharge themselves when they use the public transports, when they arrive in logistics-centers, or a the client's. They drive silently, they are clean, and the city traffic is much lighter than with trucks.
Existing (infra)structures of big cities or metropolitan areas can be used with this system, a very few changes are necessary to make this work, but it would be a good alternative to today's city-logistics.

Berlin was chosen as an example. This concept is still under development.

Folding Mechanism Mobi Cell from mendel heit on Vimeo.