Beside the product work and the various co-operations, we do research on materials, interfaces, 3d shape generation and on the object as a social tool.

# Materials
- mouth blown plastics
- random plastic packaging
- combining the impossible
- digital fabrication techniques vs

# Interfaces involving analogue objects
- tests and prototypes with arduino, involving all kinds of sensors, servos, etc..
- hoping to make shape shifting objects

# 3d shapes and objects digitally created or used within
- Processing, TopMod, Meshlab, and more generative ones with Rhinoscript and Grasshopper
- then digitally fabricated with a cnc, a lasercutter or a 3D printed
- also handcrafts mixed with generative design

# Objects & Projects as social tools, sharing and reusing
- building up an open-source product archive
- integrating it and sharing it within other open networks.
- experience design
- social design

in progress, since 2008