Mendel Heit Design Lab is a product design studio in Berlin.
Its focus is on innovative product design and furniture, combining digital fabrication, crafts and experimental research.

Mendel Heit is a french-german product designer who lives and works in Berlin. After various experiences in industrial design, interior architecture, interactive installations and art throughout Europe, he created the Mendel Heit Design Lab, to focus on furniture, products, jewelry, accessories, and research projects. He is particularly interested in combining new fabrication technologies with handcrafted heritage in a human scale.

Clients and cooperation partners include Framepunk, Vista Alegre Atlantis, Trinkle 3d, Stilnest, habitat, Meisenthal France, Syntop.io, Cristalleries de Saint-Louis, Jack Morton, Avantgarde, Deutsche Telekom, Futurest, ART+COM, Yorb Design, Avantgarde QA, Makerlab, the Anxious Prop, Collignon Architektur, Ester Bruzkus, and Mason Juday amongst many others.

Selected Exhibitions here
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Portrait of Mendel Heit, 2012, Escador Nafta
photo: Escador Nafta

In the past and Mendel Heit worked with Coordination Berlin, ITD Braunschweig and ART+COM. Also worked a couple of years at the Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop on several products, exhibitions and shows (Vitra, Moulinex, Magis, etc..).
He studied at the ENSA Nancy (F), and then at the HBK-BS (D), on projects for VW, die Bahn, and other companies. Before that, he participated in a vitra design workshop with Jerszy Seymour & Shin+Tomoko Azumi, Boisbuchet (F), and a great internship with Georges Rousse.
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